“When I first found out I could customize a motorbike, I didn’t waste a second. I immediately got in touch with the Italian Volt team to live my dream: realising a scrambler motorbike with an electric engine.

I’m very sensitive to the energy issue. My mission is to make our world cleaner and healthier for my two kids. It is for this reason that my brother and I founded a company in the renewable energy. We started together when we were young, and together we built our future.

We had to get our hands dirty from the beginning. We made everything, from planning to installation, whether with blazing sun or freezing cold. Everyday was a great challenge, and honestly we liked it.

I’ve always loved to build something with my hands, and for this reason I’ve always had a fascination for scrambler motorbike since I was a kid. I had one ages ago, I used to drive it on the road but sometimes, when I wanted to feel the thrill, I drove off road. That’s the thing of a scrambler motorbike, you can go wherever your desire leads you.

When I figured out I wanted to start a new renewable energy project, I had to sell my old motorbike to gain the money and begin my new business. I made a sacrifice, but I thought it was fair putting aside myself for the greater good; finally, after years of efforts, I achieved what I wanted for my kids and my family.
Nevertheless, today I seized the moment: what’s better than an electric scrambler motorbike to recover my youth’s thrills, now that I’ve achieved my grown-up goals?

As soon as I saw her, I was immediately attracted by her essential style and her rebel soul, just like me when I was younger. This motorbike is incredible, pleasant to drive and gorgeous to look. Her style scramble the retro of the 60’s with a modern and linear design. When I look at her, so strong and aggressive, it makes me want to get into my jeans and rush away: road or off road, no matter”.

Kenneth Cox

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