The inspiration

A world record trip

The first inspiration came during the longest trip ever realised on an electric motorbike. While on the road Nicola and Valerio got the idea to create a premium quality and customizable electric motorbike.

7691.94 miles
12 countries
44 days
From 10 June to 23 July 2013
From Shanghai, China, to Milan, Italy

While on the road, Nicola and Valerio got the idea to create a premium quality electric motorbike.




Nicola Colombo

Born entrepreneurand Guinness World Record holder thanks to his two-wheel addiction, Nicola Colombo has enjoyed a colorfuland successful career in IT,running his startup and 20 years in Business Management in China, the US and Europe. His experience and passion for riding also made him a great success in AMA racing.


Valerio Fumagalli

As a brand manager for international teams and riders, Valerio Fumagalli has extensive knowledge of the motorsport field. His mantra is motorcycling is more than a business, branding the rider’sworld has to mirror its distinctive lifestyle. His other business as the supplier of uniforms to Alitalia and Etihad Airlines helps bring together style, branding and function in the best design practice.


Adriano Stellino

All he always wanted to do is what he’s doing now - motorcycle design on the other side of the world, China. He graduated from IAAD, Turin, and since then, he has been a designer in high-class automotive firms such as Lamborghini and Bertone. Now he’s based in Shanghai, where he rides his stealth scooter in that fascinating concrete jungle.


Alessandro Miraglia

Executive VP of Operations

Giorgio Galante

Executive VP Strategy and Finance

Giulio Fantini

Electronic Engineer

Paolo Montebelli

Mechanical Engineer

Pierluigi Marconi

Italian Volt Project Manager