lacama on the road

And so the story begins. The time’s finally arrived – the moment that we’ve all been dreaming about over the last couple of years – a film road trip with our ‘baby’ while navigating the roads and spectacular scenery of Italy.

The trip was intense in more ways than one, and certainly not without its challenges along the way, but the vast landscapes that opened before the rider were enough to tell a thousand tales of beauty and pure unadulterated riding.

From the rugged Italian coasts with sea breezes hitting the riders’ faces to the immense and mysterious high altitude alpine mountain ranges, the Lacama did everyone proud.

She rode beautifully and ever so smoothly; this together with her ability to accelerate with a constant and impressive torque meant that the many corners the bikers met along their way could be taken with ease.

The intrepid journey began on a Monday in August, bright and early at 6 AM. Setting off from our workshop, there was an evident sense of nervousness in the air – our adventure-seeking crew only had one bike and no spare parts as they began their journey off into the unknown. This was the first time she was going to be tested on the great open road; previously, it had all been done on closed roads, so there was still some uncertainty in the air.

The first destination was south towards the picturesque Ligurian Sea that’s dotted with quaint fishing and coastal villages. After traveling and traversing 200 kilometers of hilly landscapes and having a few pit stops along the way, our bikers found the perfect shooting location. There was some tuning of the bike and battery charging, and with that, the first day was already over. Our bikers were exhausted, but at the same time excited beyond anything to be living out a dream, our dream.

The days that followed were a rollercoaster ride of emotion. There was the stress of waking up before the sun showed its face at 4 AM in order to find the perfect light. Then there were the highs of sheer elation when they witnessed the general public’s curiosity upon seeing the bike for the first time.

The weather was formidable in the Alps over the next few days and with this, the crew found themselves back in Milan, where the dream all began back in March when the Italian Volt’s Lacama was first presented.

The Lacama’s journey is still on going, but this Italian adventure did mark an important milestone. Its development still continues, but the end is in sight with the foreseeing of its production during the first half of 2018. The Lacama bike has already roused curiosity around the world and interest is at a high, and we’re excited to announce that pre-orders are now open. The prediction is they’ll sell like hot cakes, so get in quick to make sure you secure yours today!